Tråkiga nyheter & 2 tips inför UFC on Fox Denver 28 januari

Tråkiga nyheter från Bettingstugans John Phillips förra veckan:

Just to clear the air I will not be fighting on the Denver card next Saturday. I am NOT injured I am fit on weight and ready to fight. Unfortunately I have had some visa issues even tho I've been to the states over ten plus times. My visa application was rejected under section 214b which means the interviewer thought I had no home grounds. They basically thought that there was a high risk of me staying in the states illegally (even tho I have always returned home on the correct dates). After proving I have plenty to come home for/too I was then asked for a SUBJECT ACCESS REPORT which takes up to 40 days to acquire. I was not asked for one these reports previously. Hopefully this will all get cleared up as quick as possible and I'll be announcing my next fight for the UFC very soon.

Innan han fick det tråkiga besket hann han iaf med att ge oss en hälsning och två speltips på UFC on Fox Denver nu på lördag...


2017-01-26 21:05